Hello users! We care about protecting creativity, and that's why we have this DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) guide. It's here to help you understand how we handle copyright stuff and what to do if there's a concern. Let's keep our community awesome and respectful!

What's DMCA? 

The DMCA is like the referee for online copyright. It helps us all play fair in the digital world. follows these rules to make sure everyone's content is treated with respect.

No Copyright Infringement

We promise to respect creators' rights. If you think your content is being used without permission on, follow the steps in this guide to let us know.

Reporting Copyright Concerns

Spot the Content

If you see something that looks like it's using your stuff without permission, note down the URL and describe your original work.

Talk to the Uploader

Before getting official, try talking to the person who uploaded the content. They might not know it's causing an issue and could be willing to fix it.

Fill Out a DMCA Notice

Send it Our Way

Email your DMCA notice to [email protected].

How We Handle DMCA Notices

When we get a valid DMCA notice, here's what we'll do:

Bye-Bye Infringing Content

We'll quickly remove or disable access to the stuff causing the issue.

Let the User Know

We'll tell the person who uploaded the content about the removal. They'll get info about why and what they can do to fix it.


If someone thinks we made a mistake, they can send a counter-notification. We'll give instructions on how to do that.

Repeat Offenders Beware

We don't like repeat copyright rule-breakers. If someone keeps doing it, we might have to suspend or say goodbye to their account.


At, we're all about supporting creativity and respect. This DMCA guide is like our playbook for keeping things fair. If you ever have questions or concerns, email us at [email protected]. Let's make our digital space awesome for everyone!